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Bangalore based Bluebell Engineering is a leading software & solutions provider in the CAD / CAM space. With offices in major metros in India and Middle East, Bluebell provides a wide choice of cost effective software in the CAD / CAM & visual authoring space.

With a decade’s experience and over 10,000 implementations, Bluebell has helped scores of engineering companies, architects, small manufacturers, product designers by providing the right tools to design their products. With a team of implementation & support engineers, Bluebell services clients in Pan Indian and Middle Eastern locations.

Bluebell’s leading offerings: ZW3D (available in 2D and 3D versions) are best-in-class CAD / CAM software that provides best cost benefit ratio (or investment – returns ratio?). Bluebell’s Autodesk solutions enable.
These software solutions are available in perpetual license as well as yearly subscription models to enable easy procurement, quick deployment and early returns.

  • Technical Services
  • ZW3D adds new features and enhances the user experience to help you design best-in-class products and communicate efficiently with manufacturers and suppliers. Boost your design process and support your team with resources to help them work faster and smarter to transform your product development into business success.
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  • Technical Support
  • BlueBell’s team of trained and certified technical support team will help you design your product and use the software. Get in touch with our customer support team at Productivity Enhancement workshops are also offered for premium customers.
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  • Implementation
    • Auditing and identifying most required functionalities for the design engineers.
    • Providing exclusive tips & tricks training to the users to enhance productivity.
    • Enhance & strengthen communication, relationships, & processes by regular user interactions.
    • Offering evaluation of Add-on Solutions for FEA, CFD & KBE, to help understand value proposition, before investment decision is made.

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