SolidCAM Testimonials

Application Report ARTECO

Using SolidWorks features, ARTECO quickly prepares the technical documentation necessary for the production process of even extremely complex models as well as the production and material cost of the product, which determine its final pricing.

Using SolidCAM the operations needed to manufacture the 3D model are defined by the user. The G-code for machining the wooden part on the HOMAG CNC center is then automatically generated.

Elvedin Mandžukić, Director of Arteco

Application Report Basar Makina, Turkey

The associativity is an important time saving factor, as we modify our parts rela tively often. The time we save is our most relevant competitive advantage. Due to the power of SolidWorks in 3D design and short programming time of SolidCAM, most of the manufacturing work, which took weeks in the past can now be finished in 3-4 days… We really love SolidCAM and our decision to select SolidWorks+SolidCAM has been the
right choice.”

Ahmet B.KULDASLI, SolidCAM Product manager of Tekyaz

Big Bear Plastic Products Ltd, UK

“Assistance from SolidCAM helped us to overcome the initial backlog of work. Now that we have become more familiar, we regu larly produce new trimming programs in less than half the time it would have previously

Dan Patrick concluded, “Growth at the company is continuing at a very healthy rate with an emphasis on lean manufacture. The introduction of SolidCAM has contrib uted to this expansion, enabling the com pany to manufacture more complex parts in a shorter lead time, raising throughput, and maximising the productivity of our trimming machines.”

Dan Patrick, Project engineer

Application Report Panoramic Inc., USA

“Overall, it’s more of a user-friendly software than other CAM programs I’ve used,” says Appel, “You don’t have to jump all over the place to get a simple operation done. SolidCAM also has automatic feature-hole recognition, which is great for us, since we have to drill thousands of air-evacuation holes in some of our parts. Just by hitting a few buttons, it drills all the holes we need.”

“We’re making three complete tooling sets actually up to 20 configurations each every week,” Appel reports. “We’re only running one shift in the tool room. We do all the programming during the day, as well as
the drilling operations. Towards the end of the day, we load the milling machine with up to eight parts, sometimes they are identical parts, other times they can be eight completely different parts. We then send the
programs to the mill and run the parts over night. With SolidCAM, we can utilize ‘lights out’ machining with no worries. That’s how much I trust SolidCAM.”

Tooling Supervisor Jim Appel

FTS college for precision technology

Elmar Moeschle, head of the manufacturing technology depart ment at the State Seminar for didactics and teacher training, Freiburg: “A minimum amount of standardisation is necessary to ensure efficient operation of the schools. This is especially true for the qualification of the teachers involved in the program.”

Juergen Kubas, state qualified technician for mechanical engineering and technical head teacher at the FTS
of VS-Schwenningen: “Integrated SolidWorks and SolidCAM provide us with all the technological features we
need for advanced, practice-oriented and cutting-edge CAD/CAM training.”

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