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Berkshire Manufactured Products

SolidWorks tuned up to suit our need by offering a quick learning curve and 3D power,” said Meymaris, “I also used to design in Cadkey. The change from Cadkey to SolidWorks was a big one but this gave me a better foundation too. SolidWorks applies the latest technologies like parametric, configuration, and powerful assembly utilities. Visualization and view management is very useful for me to debug in cases like a cam in a station. SolidWorks helps our company to take different jobs from companies using different CAD systems.

The quality of the built-in translators of SolidWorks is good. This is important to contract manufacturers like us. Most of our works come from aerospace with complex shape. For nearly 20% to 30% of our works we need to use 3DQuickForm,a companion product of 3DQuickPress, to unfold. I can find the blank contour and the thinning within 5 minutes. More complex parts can take a few hours to unfold. I can directly apply the blank contour for the detail strip design.

Bermo Inc.

Getting the flat blank right used to take an hour and a half and the strip layout two to three hours for a typical straightforward part. It required a lot of checking afterwardand still allowed human error. Since there is no time for prototypes, Bermo would start production and check the first few parts. If they were okay, the press would keep running. If not, it was time to redesign the part and hopefully cut losses.

“Today, with SolidWorks
® and 3DQuickPress® software, the flat blank can take less than a minute, the strip layout under an hour, and there are no errors,” says Suhsen. “3DQuickPress takes a part model designed in SolidWorks and virtually unfolds it on the computer screen into the flat blank. It unfolds models that most CAD programs couldn’t.
We don’t spend time checking and double-checking any more because we haven’t found a single case where 3DQuickPress unfolding has been wrong. It’s just right the first time.”

Manufacturing Engineer Bermo’s Jay Suhsen

CFM Holdings Limited

“Eliminated design errors, and reduced development time help us to concentrate more on the complete manufacturing process to meet customer’s demand. Our choice to go with 3DQuickPress is an important step to upgrade the company skill set,”

K.K. Ko, design manager in CFM.

Godrej Tooling

“Our impression regarding the software is good.” After another round of questions and answers in deeper level on the features of 3DQuickPress, Godrej determined to install 4 seats of 3DQuickPress. A visit was invited to their plant on June 29th to discuss on the implementation of 3DQuickPress, number of initial seats, and training. Contract was officially completed on July 28th and one
week training was conducted in early September.

Vinay J. Gandhi , General Manager & Head Engineering

Paris Metal Manufactory Ltd.

After 5 months of using 3DQuickPress, it brings us much convenience in the planning and verifying the tool design. Whenever design changes occur, the automatic propagation of changes from part to tool drawings
save us a lot of time. It allows our engineers to focus on design than 2D drafting which used to spend them tremendous time. Three projects have been completed and we identified more projects which will reveal the true power of 3D tool design through practicing 3DQuickPress.

One thing I need to mention. The support from ICT makes notable difference. Our 3D experience was minimal. Applying 3D tool design plus the implementation of SolidWorks® EPDM posed a major challenge to Paris
Metal. The non-stop dedicated support delivered by ICT’s technical team brought our tooling engineers confidence to finish the jobs all in SolidWorks® 3DQuickPress platform. In our trade, confusion of engineer-
ng data is very common caused by frequent design changes and customer modification. There is lot of data related to the tooling. SolidWorks® EPDM ust fits in this important role. It consolidates all the engineering data in a single portal in the company network. Everyone can share the data he needs to accomplish his job. This reduces a lot of errors thus overall ooling cost can be reduced.”

Assistant General Manager Mr. Xian-You

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