The ZW3D Mold design solution covers your needs throughout the whole-process of mold design, providing high-quality data import, smart model healing, unique non-solid mold parting, extendable mold base and standard parts, practical electrode design, 2D document and etc.

  • Minimized evaluation cost
  • Shortened mold design cycle
  • Enhanced productivity
Fast Core-Cavity Parting To Shorten Leads Time
  • In ZW3D, you can bypass model healing and split parts directly through parting lines or region faces, saving you mass of time.
  • Both automatic and manual creation of parting lines, inner holes and parting face are provided to raise efficiency, especially for new designers.
  • Multi-cavity design & multi-product design are delivered to meet the various design demands of different products.
Extensive Library Of Mold Base & Components With Different Standards

Built-in library of mold bases and standard part can be modified and personalized,
meeting the requirements of different countries and companies.




Specialized Tools To Deal With Detailed Mold Design

ZW3D provides specialized tools to quickly create runners, cooling system, slide and different gate,
which can be freely modified according to practical requirement.

Flexible Solutions To Deal With Complex Electrodes Design Quickly

Easy-to-use electrode extract tools allow you to deal with complex electrodes quickly.

A batch of electrodes and 2D sheets can be automatically created to dramatically shorten development time and reduce errors.

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