Drive Innovative Product Design With ZW3D!

ZW3D CAD advances the capabilities of product design with powerful data exchange, unique Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling, multi-object file management and etc.

  • Reduced learning curve
  • Increased design flexibility
  • Shortened design process
World-Class Translator To Maximize Data Reuse

ZW3D supports to translate non-native CAD data with associative connections.
There is no need to worry about CAD data exchange with multi-suppliers.

Innovational Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling To Maximize Design Flexibility

Based on innovational Solid-Surface Hybrid Modeling technology,
users can make Boolean operations for surface parts directly with solid geometries.

Robust Parametric Modeling And Direct Editing To Facilitate Faster Product Design
  • A range of tools are provided for parametric modeling based on dimension driven features, allowing quick design modifications and keeping you focused on innovation.
  • With Direct Editing tools, you can quickly modify any 3D model geometry without history regeneration, saving tons of time.
Specialized Industrial Solution To Elevate Sheet Metal Design Efficiency

Various CAD application functions are provided to meet different industry demands, like sheet metal design, FTI for advanced unfold, weldments design and reverse engineering, greatly expanding the reach of ZW3D in your area.

Advanced Assembly Function To Boost Productivity
  • Abundant tools are included in ZW3D to handle your big and complex assemblies via both top-down and bottom-up designs. You can flexibly assemble, manage and edit the components, view different status and update manage associated models, etc.
  • Verification tools will safeguard the manufacturability of your designs.
Flexible Embossing, Morphing & Wrapping To Create Optimal Design

Quickly emboss a surface of high precision from a raster image.
Provide solid, surface and STL data to do flexible morphing and wrapping.

Automatic 2D Sheet And Smart PMI Tools To Optimize Your Workflow
  • 2D drawing views, with detailed information of dimensions, tolerances and annotations displayed, can be easily created for manufacturing and inspection. Plus, they can be updated automatically to reflect model or assembly changes.
  • PMI tools allow you to make dimensions and annotations intuitively on the 3D entities, making design interaction a piece of cake.
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