SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions

The Value in SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions

SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions (formerly Right Hemisphere’s ‘Deep’ software suite) enable you to leverage your CAD data throughout your organization by creating ultra-lightweight, desktop friendly, hyper-realistic product images and animations. You control what metadata to include or exclude from the original CAD file given your specific requirements (ensuring you protect your IP) even as hyper-real images and animations are created by downstream users and easily used in standard business applications.

The software is very user friendly. The tools are pretty simple to use. The options in the software are amazing.”
– Dinesh Kumar, Power Train Engineer at Ashok Leyland, India.

Engage BLUE BELL ENGINEERING to evaluate your needs against SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions in your organization today and become recognized for cutting costs and improving communication.

SAP Visual Enterprise Solutions

Visually communicating complex product information derives various efficiencies which generate significant operational cost savings and other ‘soft’ benefits throughout your value chain. Efficiencies arise by enabling you to:

  • Communicate complex product information quickly and efficiently throughout your organizational value chain and across knowledge and language barriers while protecting IP.
  • Translate between more than 130 CAD and image file types.
  • Combine product information from various sources by integrating your CAD, PLM & ERP systems.
Engineering & Design

• Reduce the number of product prototypes required.
• Improve your design review process with lightweight 30 social markup tools.
• Engage other departments to create their own imagery freeing up engineers’ time for more important tasks.

Manufacturing & Quality

• Create and use animated or visually rich instructions which reduce errors and increase productivity, while reducing the required duration of staff training.
• Involve Manufacturing& Quality into the design process earlier and more effectively through rapid visual feedback with social markup.
• Reduce costs as well as cycle times by minimising miscommunication.

Service & Support

• Dramatically reduce the costoftechnical publications and improve their usefulness by incorporating visually rich content.
• Reduce the error rates in Service & Support.
• Increase the productivity of existingstaff.

Sales& Marketing

• Dramatically reduce product image generation costs by removing the need for expensive prototypes and photoshoots.
• Improve time to marketand your readiness for it.
• Improve customer experience by incorporating your communications into 3DPDF’s of your product offering.

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