Moldex3D Testimonials

Plastik HT, Czech tool manufacturer

Moldex3D has been used in our company since January 2007. During that time the software proved itself to be a reliable tool for the simulation analysis to predict the cooling, filling, packing and warpage problems that may appear in a production.

This article describes one of the problems we had and was successfully solved by the aid of Moldex3D.

SimpaTec Simulation & Technology Consulting

In January 2007, a customer from the automotive industry contracted Schuster Kunststofftechnik GmbH to develop and produce a panel module for an air0conditioning system by IML. To allow it to meet the required price and high quality specifications, the process parameters, in particular the cycle time, gating system and the special requirements for processing décor films in the mold, must be specially matched to one another. For this, the IML specialist commissioned SimpaTec Simulation & Technology Consulting GmbH, a consulting engineer specializing in process and part optimization in the plastics industry, to model the entire injection molding process in a simulation.

MiTAC Inc.,

MiTAC Precision Technology Corporation (MPT)’s primary business includes tooling and mass production, ranging from design, mockup, tooling to plastic injection, stamping to coating, as well as printing and post-production assembly services. Through professional injection molding simulation software Moldex3D, now engineers of MiTAC are able to quickly check the manufacturability of the injected plastic part design. This time-saving, highly accurate and user-friendly function of Moldex3D mold filling simulation enables the R&D team to facilitate efficient discussion and commutation on the confirmation and optimization of the product and mold design. Thus, Moldex3D unquestionably plays an extremely important role in “Quality control of mold design” and “Communication platform of the design.”

As a result, Moldex3D has been well-appreciated by its customers for its remarkable achievement in 3S (Software, Service, Solution). In 2006 and 2007, Moldex3D was awarded by two of the leading technology companies: Asus Computer Inc. and MiTAC Precision Technology Corp., in their 2006 and 2007 annual event with the prestigious honor of “excellent supplier of the year” and “The best software supplier of the year”.


Moldex3D’s success with automobile industry

On the washable luggage board case, Moldex3D participated in the early design cycle and played an important role to provide suggestions and guided the direction. Moldex3D is proved to precisely predict the unbalanced thickness that affects the deformation and able to control the structure strength under the safety and satisfaction. YULON engineer, Mr. Lin Hua-Long, is one of the key cooperation persons: “Moldex3D is very user-friendly. The Icon list is very clear and well-organized, which makes the software easy to operate. Most importantly, the results are good enough to reduce our cycle time and save costs,” he approved.


Moldex3D scrutinizes each development stage for Samsung, ensuring the production quality
Through the introduction of the practical studies above, these cases demonstrate that Moldex3D possesses talented integrity for various purposes, widely from product conceptualization to prototyping stage. Moldex3D should definitely be in the list if you want to expand the VPD simulation tools to reach the optimum in such competitive business environment.

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